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Hard Disk Drives (HDD) Solid State Drives (SSD) USB Flash Drives CD/DVD Optical Discs Floppy and ZIP Disks Compact Flash Cards (CF) Secure Digital Cards (SD) Smartphones and Tablets

Imaging - Preservation & Collection

From full disk imaging to a more targeted approach, I apply reliable forensic practices and evidence handling procedures to ensure a forensically sound and defensible product. Maintaining the integrity of electronically stored information (ESI) is paramount.

Digital Forensic Investigation

Using the industry’s most sophisticated software tools, I provide careful analysis and meticulous documentation from start to finish, working under the assumption that all investigations will end up in court. I have extensive experience analyzing Windows and Mac operating systems, Apple iOS and Android phones and tablets, and other digital storage devices. My investigations can help reveal evidence of intellectual property theft, misuse of computer resources, user activity, and answer other questions about your digital data. Some examples of discoverable evidence include files/folders that have been created or opened, use of USB or other external devices, Web browser history, files downloaded from the Internet, programs run, and file deletions.

Expert Testimony

I maintain multiple digital forensic certifications (EnCE, CCE, CCO, CCPA, OFCE) and have qualified and testified as an expert in State and Federal courts.

E-Discovery ESI Processing

Belumbra's data processing includes an initial early case assessment of collected data, organization of data/file types, De-NISTing to remove known/irrelevant content, optical character recognition (OCR) to pull text from non-searchable PDFs and picture files, triage for password protected and encrypted files, indexing content for optimal search, filtering based on search terms, date ranges, etc. and final production to various formats including native or image/pdf.

Data Recovery & Media Sanitizing

Lost or deleted data can often be recovered. Additionally, data on a device can be permanently removed (wiped).

Serviceable Devices

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